Knowledge For The Blind Initiative

is a leading Nigerian NGO working in the area of blindness and low vision. We are registered with the government as a non-governmental organization. Our registration numbers are KDS/YC/15/6763 and CAC/IT/NO 99152.

We regularly welcome rehabilitation and low vision clients who have been referred to us from eye doctors. We attend to each person giving them practical knowledge that leads them to finding or regaining quality life.

In recognition of our work, in 2017 during her annual national conference, the Opthalmological Society of Nigeria gave us a MERIT AWARD. The citation reads “in recognition of your meritorious contribution to development of eyecare in Nigeria”. We continue to undertake the specialized activities and provide services to the blind and those living with low vision so they can find knowledge for quality life.

We are also a member of Global Ties US <>. This membership gives us international leverage for growth of the work we are doing.

We provide the following activities and services:

  • Rehabilitation and adaptation training for people that have gone blind or are living with low vision.
  • Braille Transcription Services
  • Psycho social Counselling services.
  • Adapted games including Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Cards and Ludo.
  • Annual Young Leader’s Camp.
  • Roundtable Conversations.
  • Our integrated library has Audiobook, Braille, Large print, Regular print and Video resources. We hear this is the only library of it’s kind in Nigeria.
  • Production of Audiobooks,
  • Production of Large Print Resources.
  • Empowerment for family members of the blind.
  • Professional development for service providers in society.
  • Exchange programs for youths and adults.
  • Knowledge Ambassadors.


Our vision as an organization is to provide knowledge for quality life to persons who are visually challenged.


Our mission is to be the leading provider of services and products that will empower each person living with eye related challenges to individually achieve higher quality of life as they release their maximum potential.

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