great philosopher once said “educate a woman and you  educate a nation”. Yes many blind men are beggars, but from our observations around the country most of them are married to women who are not blind.  This is a very important link in the chain towards reducing poverty in the life and homes of the […]

Our Words, Our Image

Writers, editors, reporters and other communicators strive to use the mostaccurate terminology about people with disabilities.  However, inaccurate,archaic and offensive expressions are still commonly used, perpetuatingnegative stereotypes and beliefs about people with disabilities. We will soon host a 1 day workshop that will provide excellent resources to improve your writing and reporting on disability.  Trend […]


The ears are very important to a person that is blind or low vision.  He or she can pick sounds that enhance their quality of life.  For many that are in school or just want to enjoy a book or magazine, recorded materials are a simple way to do so. The background technical work of producing […]


The first blind Nigerian to complete primary and secondary school. He completed his secondary education with excellent distinctions. He went on to study Physiotherapy at the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) UK, returned home and was involved in treating soldiers injured in the Nigerian civil war. His illustrious 35 year career with the […]

Change Your Attitude

Attitudes, someone said are like a flat tyre. if you don’t change the bad attitude, you will not go anywhere.  Attitudes that put down a person because he/she has a disability is a flat tyre.  Change it and let us all go forward together. Here are 5 easy steps towards a brand new attitude: 1. Identify […]