The World Health Organization says that every minute a human being goes blind.

The World Health Organization says that every minute a human being goes blind. This could be a child or an adult. Male or female. Rich or poor, in this part of the world by the time they get to us they are nearer poor than rich, haven spent a lot of money looking for a solution. She could recall visiting seven healthcare providers, the associated costs can not be quantified in Naira or emotions. This last Wednesday we welcomed S. A. to our centre. One of our health partners had referred to her us like many others. Thank you Dr. Chris Galadima. She is a mother of three children and Widowed. Some ten years ago she was enjoying her career as an air hostess married and raising her family. Today? Specks of light filter through her retina onto her cornea and she can make out words that are 20 plus font size. As I listened to her story and tested her out with various magnifier strengths, I kept hoping one would work for her since her phone was on it’s largest font size and not helping her. She has done the adult rehab course at our sister school but is shy using her white cane. She reads Braille but owns only one book and so her Braille reading skill is going flat. From all indicators, retinitis pigmentosa has claimed another pair of eyes. Fortunately and happily she is a happy woman. And she farms. This year it’s soya beans and maize. We gave a her her own copy of the novel in the picture and look forward to seeing her fly through life even if not as an air hostess. With her post graduate certificate in education our director says she’d make a fine teacher to others who are blind. Your support keeps our doors open for when the need arises and you can never know when it will. Andrew Gani-Ikilama #donationworks #kfbi #blindness #kaduna #globalties #supportustoday

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